Varmint Control Officer
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Varmint Control Officer (VOL. III)

Welcome back for another addition of "VCO" Varmint Control Officer Volume 3. We've put together some exciting hunts over the past two seasons and combined them into one action packed thriller. You're going to see some high powered coyote rifles and some long range bombs! Coyotes are also up close and personal.

Rare Mt. Lion footage caught on video tape. See two different Mountain Lions that I take at distances over 600 yards. You'll see one Mt. Lion step out on a hill to investigate our FoxPro sounds. We were pumped to be calling coyotes and get a 100 lb. Mt. Lion. It's on this DVD! It all goes down here!

Owyhee Country Productions
Ron Talbot

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VCO - Varmint Control Officer (Volume 3)

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